Your experts for the mountains of Mayrhofen

Infoscouts provide a very special and unique service for all of our guests.
Thanks to their blue jackets and pants, they are really easy to spot in the snow!

Would you like an insider tip about the Mayrhofen Ski Resort? Are you lost somewhere in the ski resort? Can’t find your equipment anymore? Did you witness a skiing accident or did you yourself have an accident? Whatever your question or problem, our ski resort experts in the blue jackets and pants are almost always hanging out on the slopes and will gladly help you with anything you need. Infoscouts are either Mayrhofen locals or guests who love the Mayrhofen Ski Resort and know the area as well as anyone. Whenever you see Infoscouts, don’t hesitate to ask them for special advice. They will also gladly provide you with information about ski lift prices, events, closed slopes, and special offers. We are also happy to receive your feedback in the form of suggestions and praise!

Don’t worry if you don’t speak German. All of our Infoscouts speak English and some even speak other languages such as Dutch, Swedish, and French.