COVID-19 Code of Conduct

Summer Season 2021

The last months have been shaped by big changes - COVID-19 affects our lives everywhere in the world. Safety and the personal health of each individual are the highest good and the focus of attention for our cable car companies. We build on the regulations of the Austrian Federal Government, which provide for a range of measures to protect all guests and employees.

The cable car operators must ensure that their guests are always informed about the current regulations. We comply with this requirement by means of signs, pictograms, tapes, barriers, partition grids, security personnel or other suitable measures.

There is a obligation to wear a FFP2-Mask (MNP) in all closed areas, waiting areas and means of transport.

  • Persons from the same household must also wear a FFP2-Mask (MNP) when travelling in closed means of transport.
  • Children up to the age of 6 are generally exempt from the obligation to wear a MNP.

In compliance with the currently valid regulations and additional safety measures, we are firmly convinced that you can spend relaxing and safe holidays in the Zillertal by maintaining a sufficient safety distance.

Zillertal cable car general information and organizational measures to ensure a safe and relaxing vacation:

  • Signposting: The signposts point out our Code of Conduct. Please follow it in the interest of all our safety.
  • Organised queuing areas: We organise the queuing areas independently of the current legal requirements in such a way that groups of people standing close together are avoided as far as possible. Please keep a 1m distance to strangers and wait in the cash desk area until the guest in front of you has left the cash desk.
  • Hand hygiene: For our cable car indoor areas we will install sufficient hand disinfection facilities for you.


  • Number of persons: There are no restrictions on the possible transport capacity in closed means of transport, so all cable car systems can be used to full capacity. However, depending on the number of guests, attempts are made not to exhaust the transport capacity - especially in the case of large cabins - in order to offer our guests more space.
  • Disinfection measures: All cable car cabins are regularly disinfected by us. Disinfection measures are also regularly carried out in elevator cabins, on escalators, in sanitary facilities and first aid rooms.
  • Cable car employees: Employees in direct contact with guests are instructed to wear a FFP2-Mask in closed rooms for mutual protection, unless the risk of infection is minimized by other suitable protective measures.

What you can do to stay safe and keep others safe.


Wear a mouth and nose protection (FFP2-Mask)


Please always carry a mouth and nose protection (FFP2-Mask) with you and use it in closed waiting areas and means of transport.

  • Persons from the same household must also wear a FFP2-Mask (MNP) when travelling in closed means of transport.
  • Children up to the age of 6 are generally exempt from the obligation to wear a MNP.


Keep your distance


Please keep sufficient distance from strangers.


Ensure ventilation


If necessary, please ventilate the cable car cabins during the trip.


Pay attention to hand hygiene


Please observe the general rules of hygiene and wash your hands regularly. Disinfectant dispensers are available in the cable car stations in the indoor area.



Dispose of used protective masks


Please do not leave your used protective mask or handkerchiefs in the cable car cabins, but dispose of them properly. Waste bins are available in the station areas.


Follow instructions


Please follow the general behaviour recommendations and also the instructions of our employees, especially with regard to the hygiene regulations.


Cashless payment or even better: Buy ticket ONLINE or at the ticket machine


If possible, make use of the cashless payment option or buy your ticket directly at the online shop.


Only head up the mountain if you’re healthy


If you have symptoms that could indicate a possible Covid-19 infection (fever, cough, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, ...), please stay in your accommodation and contact the reception of your accommodation or a doctor immediately.


Behave responsibly


Please conduct yourself responsibly to protect your own health and that of others.

Our request!

Please observe and follow our Covid-19 Code of Conduct and enjoy your holiday in the Zillertal mountains!
We are evaluating the situation on an on-going basis and will adapt our Code of Conduct to any changes in legal or regulatory requirements.

(Last updated: September 2021)

In addition, you will find below information sheets from the Austrian Chamber of Commerce /

Association of Cable Cars regarding the currently applicable protective measures:


Information Covid-19 Code of Conduct "Zillertal Cable Cars"

Information sheet "Public area"

Information sheet "Before the gondola ride"

Information sheet "During the gondola ride"

By taking just a few simple measures, you can help protect yourself and others. Thank you!