Safe on the mountain

We take care of you!



We want to make the time on the mountain as safe as possible for our guests and employees. Therefore, we take the Covid-19 protective measures seriously and ask you to observe the following hygiene rules:


  • If symptoms of disease occur, do not leave your home
  • Avoid shaking hands and touching when greeting
  • Do not touch eyes, nose and mouth
  • Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing
  • Wash your hands regularly

Because safety guidelines for public transportation such as subways and buses also apply to our gondolas, we kindly ask our guests to please keep a safe distance from each other if at all possible. Furthermore, WEARING A FACE MASK IS MANDATORY. Even when proper social distancing is impossible due to a high number of passengers, however, public transportation will continue to run in order to ensure normal operations. It must be taken into account that we as cable car operators do not have any power to legally enforce the safety measures. Therefore, we can only pass on whatever information we have to our guests and

constantly urge them to exercise personal responsibility.
Thus far we are able to say that most of our guests are complying with the mandatory wearing of face masks. They are also acting with great discipline in terms of the number of passengers riding in the gondolas at any one time, although there are no legal provisions in that regard. That being said, we are still not operating at full capacity, particularly with the Ahornbahn. Nevertheless, while keeping operational requirements in mind, we strive to provide our guests with plenty of space so that they can maintain safe distancing during ascents and descents. More specifically, at the moment we are allowing a maximum of 80–90 passengers

in the Ahornbahn, which is about 50% of capacity. 
We are also continuously reminding and urging our guests to adhere to safe distancing at the ticket windows and entry areas and

we are very thankful for your willingness to cooperate. 

In addition, you will find below information sheets from the Austrian Chamber of Commerce /

Association of Cable Cars regarding the currently applicable protective measures:


Information sheet "Public area"

Information sheet "Before the gondola ride"

Information sheet "During the gondola ride"

By taking just a few simple measures, you can help protect yourself and others. Thank you!