Barrier-free on Ahorn and Penken

Barrier-free up the mountain with our gondolas

The Ahornbahn and Penkenbahn in Mayrhofen are accessible to wheelchair users and handicapped persons, so that they, too, can enjoy an unforgettable day on the mountains! Thanks to elevators, our cable cars are barrier-free. The mountains await you with wonderful places to relax and incredible views!


Leisure Mountain Ahorn

Once you arrive at the Ahornbahn moutain station you can take in the unique views and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Then you can explore the barrier-free Leisure Trail Ahorn, which leads you around the Ahorn Plateau in Mayrhofen. And if you love excitement, be sure to visit the Eagle’s Stage Ahorn.


Action Mountain Penken 

After arriving at the Penkenbahn mountain station you can enjoy the unique views of Mayrhofen’s mountains from the panorama terrace before going even higher up with the Kombibahn Penken. Then you can follow the barrier-free Panorama Trail Penken up to the Granatkapelle at the Penkenjoch and back down to the Penkenbahn mountain station.

Hiking trails

Aussichtsplattform Adlerblick

Ahorn Leisure Trail

The Leisure Trail takes you around the Ahorn Plateau in Mayrhofen and provides you with unforgettable views of the Zillertal Alps and the Stilluptal.

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Wandern Penken

Panorama Trail Penken

The Panorama Trail Penken on Action Mountain Penken starts at the Kombibahn Penken mountain station, leads up to the Granatkapelle at the Penkenjoch, and then heads back down to the Penkenbahn mountain station.

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Eagle’s Stage Ahorn

At the Eagle’s Stage Ahorn on Leisure Mountain Ahorn in Mayrhofen you will get to observe eagles, owls, buzzards, falcons, and other majestic birds up close and learn all about their habits and skills from our falconers.


Tip: Transport to the Eagle’s Stage Ahorn can be provided upon request.

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Lake Ahornsee

Everyone big and small will find plenty of opportunities to play, rest, and relax at Lake Ahornsee. Our tip for hot summer days.


Tip: Transport to Lake Ahornsee can be provided upon request.


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Huts and mountain restaurants

You’ll find several huts and mountain restaurants not far from the mountain stations on both Leisure Mountain Ahorn and Action Mountain Penken.