Skimovie & Skiline

video recording & downhill kilometers
Skimovie Run

Skimovie Run

your video including timekeeping

Check out the Skimovie Run at piste 16, the Black Attack at the Möslbahn and get your perfect descent film. A camera records your turns from start to finish and even measures your time. The ski movie track provides additional fun on the slopes and unique memories for the home. You can download the free video based on your ski pass number at



Your personal elevation diagram

Do you know your elevation gain and your downhill kilometers? Get the elevation diagram of your skiing day in Mayrhofen with Skiline to find out!

By entering your skipass number you get your personal "Skiline" within seconds. You find all ski lifts you used, your elevatoin gain and your downhill kilometers.

Get your Skimovie, your Skiline or your Albert Adler Picture

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