New in winter 2018/19

Skiers can now look forward to even more comfort and fun. Action Mountain Penken in Mayrhofen is adding another highlight: the new Möslbahn. 


Doppelmayr's innovative, 10-person monocable gondola lift of the newest D-Line generation will connect the village of Mösl at Hochschwendberg with Action Mountain Penken, promising all ski fans even more comfort and a unique experience on the slopes. The Möslbahn transport about 2000 people per hour up to the heart of the ski resort on Mount Penken.

Ski Movie Run

Ski Movie Run

Try the Ski Movie Course on Piste 16 and get a movie of your perfect descent. A camera films your turns from start to finish and even measures your time. That means more fun on the piste along with a unique souvenir to take home. You can download your video for free using your ski pass number at www.skiline.cc.





Take on the Mösl Challenge and do 10 descents on Piste 16 within six days from Sunday to Friday. After your last descent, register on www.skiline.cc and opt to participate in the Mösl Challenge. Every day, we'll give away one day pass for the Mayrhofen Ski Resort.


The winners will be contacted every Tuesday and Friday.

Harakiri - the steepest slope experience

100 percent courage for a 78 percent grade

The Harakiri Run on Action Mountain Penken in Mayrhofen is the most demanding slope in the Zillertal. For the first few turns, most skiers are still feeling brave so they try to go fast. But they quickly realize that in order to tackle the legendary Piste No. 34, they will need to slow down and be a lot more cautious. This is definitely not your average descent. It’s the Harakiri Run – and it demands respect. With a grade of up to 78 percent, it’s for experts only, and for most of them, it’s the highlight of their day, if not of their entire winter holiday.

Are you ready for the Harakiri Run? Still not sure if you can handle it? Then try out Piste No. 12, the not-so-extreme Devil’s Run, first. The steep part at the end is known among the locals as the “Harakiri Test.” If you can make it down that slope, you are ready to tackle Austria's steepest slope adventure!

Please note: Because of the artificial snow and the steep gradient, you will often have to deal with icy riding conditions. Before you try to tackle the Harakiri Run, check the requirements below.

Penken Park in Mayrhofen

Stay true

Snowboarders and freeskiers alike rave about the Penken Park on Action Mountain Penken in Mayrhofen. The eight permanent, perfectly prepared jumps and obstacles along with the amazing crowds have given the park a reputation that it easily lives up to. The Pro Area, Advanced Area, Advanced Jib Area, Medium Area, Medium Jib Area, Fun Area, Beginner Area, and Fun Ride Penken promise riders of every age and skill level a fantastic time on the mountain. The 4-person Sun Jet chairlift provides shredheads with quick access to the park and a great view of the pros shredding below – you can even shoot photos or videos from your aerial perspective while going up for your next run! The Kids Park even has its own lift, the Mittertrett T-Bar Lift.

Racing Paradise Unterberg in Mayrhofen

Trailing international ski stars

Starting this winter season, speed demons, racers, and those who have always wanted to race down a slope will get their money’s worth at the new Racing Paradise Unterberg at Piste no. 15 thanks to its three permanent timed giant slalom courses. Even international ski stars train on the courses for their races. Two of the courses are about 450 meters long and one is about 200 meters long.

Training courses for ski teams

At the Racing Paradise Unterberg, ski teams have the opportunity to exclusively book our training courses for race training – even before the official season start.

If you're interested or have questions regarding our training facilities, please send an e-mail to training@mayrhofner-bergbahnen.com.

Fun Rides in Mayrhofen

The higlight pistes in Mayrhofen

Our three Fun Rides are all about fun! Separated off from the rest of the ski resort, these pistes combine specially developed elements with influences from boarder cross and ski cross to create a one-of-a-kind course. The Fun Rides are real highlight pistes and guarantee endless fun for riders of all ages!

Fun Ride Ahorn

What's so special about the Fun Ride Ahorn: The gradient is rather moderate and the wave runs, steep turns, and bowls are shaped so that skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels can try to tackle them. What’s more, the Funslope is the perfect place for children and beginners to acquire the coordination and motor skills necessary for successful skiing and snowboarding. The Ahorn Fun Ride is located right next to the beginners' lift and the Filzenalmlift and is prepared daily in order to ensure a perfect riding experience .

Fun Ride Penken

The Fun Ride Penken, which was newly added only last winter season, offers fun and action for skiers and snowboarders of all ages. It is 700 meters long and has steep turns, waves, jumps and S-turns. Whether you’re a freestyler or racer, the Fun Ride Penken at the Penken Park is guaranteed to be an exciting experience for everyone.

NEW: Fun Ride Gerent

You will love the new Fun Ride Gerent at piste no. 11 with its waves and steep turns. It's also a perfect warm-up for the more challenging Fun Ride Penken!

White Lounge Igloo Parties

The perfect way to end your day at 2,000 meters above sea level

Finish off your evening at the coolest location in the Zillertal! Every week, the mystic Igloo Party takes place at the White Lounge Igloo Village on Mount Ahorn. Enjoy delicious drinks and dance to the finest DJ sounds – it’s guaranteed to be an unforgettable evening!

Facts White Lounge Iglu Parties

  • The parties take place in the White Lounge every Tuesday from January to March
  • Dates: 27.12.2018, from 15.01. to 26.03.2019 every Tuesday with changing Line-Up
  • Music genre: Techno/House/Drum and Bass
  • Minimum age: 16 years (ID required)
  • Ascent to the parties is at 7:30 p.m. and the descent is at 11:00 p.m.
  • Please register for the Party by 4:00 p.m. on Monday at our cash desks, via e-mail under info@mayrhofner-bergbahnen.com or via phone under +43 (0)5285 62277.
  • Please pick up your tickets at one of our ticket windows by at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday
  • The price per person, including ascent and descent as well as a welcome drink, is € 25.00

Freeriding on Mount Penken in Mayrhofen

Deep Powder Lines

Can you think of anything better than leaving the first line in untouched snow? In the Mayrhofen Ski Resort, freeriders will be greeted by perfect conditions around the Wanglspitz and the Unterbergalm, which are both easily accessible via our lifts.

Before you venture into the backcountry, however, always remember that this is alpine terrain and that safety should be your number one priority. Therefore, freeriders should always check the weather and the avalanche conditions and take along the necessary equipment, including an avalanche beacon, a shovel, a probe, and a first-aid kit.

For all freeride enthusiasts we recommend the SAAC Camps, where experienced mountain guides and professionals will provide you with important information and valuable advice!

Information to the SAAC Camp Information to the SAACnd Step Camp

Please note:
Going off-piste is always done at your own risk and no liability will be accepted by the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen.

Paragliding in Mayrhofen

Experience Mayrhofen from an aerial perspective

Experience the feeling of freedom and the spectacular views on a tandem flight from the Action Mountain Penken to Mayrhofen in the Zillertal. Mayrhofen is bookmarked by paragliders for its outstanding thermals. Take off to the skies and enjoy the amazing feeling of flying!

Mount Penken offers two paragliding launch sites: 

  • Launch site east – right at the Kombibahn Summit Station
  • Launch site south – at the Knorren

If the weather is not quite up to flying, pilots with their equipment get the gondola trip down to the valley for free.

Click here for a list of companies offering tandem flights in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region.


Get your personal elevation diagram

Do you know your elevation gain and your downhill kilometers? Get the elevation diagram of your skiing day in Mayrhofen with Skiline to find out!

By entering your skipass number you get your personal "Skiline" within seconds. You find all ski lifts you used, your elevatoin gain and your downhill kilometers.