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Dialog im Stammhaus


3S Penkenbahn


The Penkenbahn!


The all-new, stat-of-the-art 3S Penkenbahn sets entirely new standards, thanks to its comfortable gondolas, panorama windows, Wi-Fi, new and improved bottom and summit stations, and innovative access system.

Dialog at the Stammhaus

Dialog im Stammhaus - Kundenzufriedenheit

Dialog with and among guests

The Dialog at the Stammhaus (Headquarters) took place four times a year, roughly once every three months. The purpose of this event was to provide a relaxed setting for discussions about various topics that have to do with social development, particularly with regard to tourism.

The dialogs gave everyone in attendance a chance to sit together for about an hour to exchange suggestions, ideas, and thoughts in a friendly and open atmosphere.


Ahornbahn Mayrhofen
© David Schreyer  

Projects in Mayrhofen

The renovation of the Ahornbahn in 2007 was the first step of the Freiraum Ahorn Project.

To date, five additional construction projects and eight buildings – including the 8-person chairlift Ahorn, Freiraum, Stammhaus, and 6-person chairlift Ebenwald – have been completed by architect Antonius Lanzinger. Here you find more information about the individual structures.

60 years of the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen, we have put together two videos that tell the exciting story of the company and how it has developed since 1953.

We hope you enjoy this peek into the past!


Ski bus

Use of resources!

In this day and age, we consider it our responsibility as a cable car company to manage all of our resources responsibly.

We would be happy to provide you with more information about some of the sustainability measures we have taken, such as our efficient snow management, use of photovoltaics, and environmentally friendly ski buses.