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3S Penkenbahn

NEW 3S Penkenbahn

The new and improved Penkenbahn has been in operation since 20 December 2015.

Opening ceremony for the new
3S Penkenbahn on 19 December 2015

The first guests and passengers were amazed and the weather was perfect for the opening ceremony of the new 3S Penkenbahn. The Penkenbahn sets entirely new standards, thanks to its comfortable gondolas, panorama windows, Wi-Fi, new and improved bottom and summit stations, and innovative access system. Moreover, with the implementation of the most advanced ropeway technology in the world, transport capacity has been doubled and travel time has been shortened to just over eight minutes.

“It’s awesome! The gondolas are huge, the seats are so comfortable, and the big panorama windows give you a fantastic view of the mountains and Mayrhofen,” said one happy young skier. Another passenger was particularly impressed with the quality and convenience: “Fantastic! A smooth ascent, and up at the summit station there is even a sports shop, in case you forgot something. All the ski depots are great, too, if you want to leave your equipment on the mountain for the next day.”

Positive feedback from our guests – we are delighted!


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Song of the opening ceremony

Benefits of the new Penkenbahn:

• Shorter waiting times
• Separate entrance for ski schools with children
• Quick and convenient ride to the ski resort in just 8.2 minutes
• 24 comfortable seats per gondola
• Transport capacity of max. 3,840 passengers per hour
• Large storage areas at the summit and bottom stations
• 33 gondolas with WLAN access


All information about the new Penkenbahn.

Furthermore, the new Penkenbahn has been designed so that, in case the system comes to a standstill due to a technical defect, an emergency, or a power failure, for instance, the gondolas can be retrieved using two independent standby drives. Therefore, once the 3S Gondola Lift is completed, a rescue gondola will no longer be needed.

The construction of the new Penkenbahn marks the beginning of a new era of mobility in Mayrhofen, not only on the mountain but also in the valley. Moreover, two new bridges have been built in the center of town, which has greatly enhanced the ski bus service. Click here to read more about "The future of Mayrhofen."

Below you find the construction report and picture galleries.

For all the milestones of the project in chronological order, from the planning phase to the start of construction, read The road to the new 3S Penkenbahn.

Ropeway Technology – Video Clip

First cable delivery

On 03.07.2015 the first cable of the new Penkenbahn was delivered. The first of the four cables weighs about 60 tons and is about 3200 m long.

Bautagebuch Clip

Mountain station interior - Visualization

Valley station interior - Visualization

Traverse of the gondola

Mountain Station Flyover

Construction Report Clip 01

Valley Station Flyover

The Mayrhofner Bergbahnen are proud to present the first visualization of the new and ultramodern 3S Penkenbahn. You will find weekly updates as well as valuable insights on this website.

The future Penkenbahn combines tremendous running smoothness and generous amount of space with the incomparable view of the magnificent panorama of the Zillertal Alps around Mayrhofen. The 33 comfortable gondolas of the new Penkenbahn offer seating for 24 people. The gondolas will be able to transport up to 2,880 people into the ski area per hour. Waiting times are no longer an issue, even in the descent.

At the beginning of the winter season 2015–16 the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen will offer the most modern ropeway system on the market.

19 February 2015: Plans for the new Penkenbahn officially approved!

Construction to begin on 13 April 2015


As reported earlier, construction of the new gondola was initially held up due to the appeal of a landowner. However, with the help of the town of Mayrhofen, the two parties were able to reach an agreement which ensures that the landowner's property bordering the gondola route will remain suitable for future development. The appeal has therefore been withdrawn and construction can officially begin. The Mayrhofner Bergbahnen Aktiengesellschaft welcomes the decision and is looking forward to the start of construction immediately following the 2014–15 winter season.

With 24 comfortable seats per cabin, the new 3S Gondola Lift will be able to transport 2,880 passengers per hour when the 2015–16 winter season opens. During peak hours, there will be room for an additional 8 standees per cabin, resulting in an overall capacity of 3,840 passengers per hour.

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