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Winter holidays for non-skiers in Mayrhofen

Winter holidays in Mayrhofen are only for skiers and snowboarders, right? Wrong! Mayrhofen and the surrounding area offer numerous activities for non-skiers as well, whether you prefer to enjoy the sights at a leisurely pace or while racing down the mountain on a sled. Here’s what we offer non-skiers in the winter:

For nature lovers – Winter hiking

The weather is perfect for winter hiking in Mayrhofen! The sun is shining brightly, so I decide to explore the Ahorn Winter Hiking Trail. The first thing I do is buy a Pedestrian Pass and take the Ahornbahn up the mountain. During the ascent, I enjoy the incredible views on the Zillertal Alps. As soon as I arrive at the top I start hiking on the Loop Trail, which takes me past the Ahornbahn Summit Station and over to the viewing platforms. Then I take a photo to prove I was there! I continue on to the Igloo Village where I stop at the Igloo Bar for a snack before returning to the starting point. The hike took me around one hour. At the Summit Station I check out all the action on the pistes for a while and then take the gondola back down to the valley. My tip: Mayrhofen is particularly suitable for leisurely walks and hikes since the 15 hiking trails, which cover a total of 71.5 km, mostly lead through flat terrain and are not very long.

For adventure seekers – The White Lounge

Today is an adventurous day for a city kid like me. I’m going to spend the night in a real igloo made of ice and snow! The Mayrhofen Igloo Village is located on Ahorn Mountain. After the ascent in the gondola I take in the ambiance in the Chill-Out Area, but it’s not until the evening, when the surrounding slopes are quiet and the last skiers have returned to the valley, that one can really enjoy the atmosphere in the White Lounge. Together with the other guests who are bold enough to spend the night here, I enjoy a delicious dinner followed by a romantic torch hike through the snow. To round off the day, we sit around the bonfire under the night sky, and then head to our Igloo Suites and slip into our warm and cozy expedition sleeping bags. Even without any heat I am perfectly warm and I sleep like a log. In the morning I have a delicious breakfast on the mountain and I enjoy the last quiet minutes before the daily hustle and bustle starts anew.

For sports enthusiasts – Cross-country skiing

It’s already getting dark, but I’m still up for some action. Luckily, that’s not a problem at all in Mayrhofen. I grab my cross-country skiing equipment and head toward one of the illuminated cross-country ski tracks in Burgstall. Thanks to the lights, you can go for a few rounds late in the evening or even after dark. I’m excited to be enjoying nature’s beauty at the end of the day as I skate along on my skis. By the way: When the snow conditions are right, the Mayrhofen-Hippach Holiday Region offers up to 15 cross-country ski tracks!

For thrill seekers – Sled runs

A winter holiday without a sled run? No way! From the Ahornbahn Bottom Station I set off on my way up to the Wiesenhof Guest House. The hike takes about one hour. Before I ride back down to the valley on my sled, I enjoy a bite to eat at the restaurant. Then it’s time for the fun to begin! Sitting on my toboggan, I carefully take the first few turns of the 2.5-kilometer-long downhill ride, but I quickly get more confident and courageous and start to race down the mountain. Before I know it the ride is over and I would love to do it all over again. Maybe I’ll ride the sled one more time this evening. The lighted sled run that leads from the Tristenbachalm to Ginzling is open until 10:00 p.m.

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